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3X5 Index Card Case - CLI58335 4X6 Index Card Case - CLI58046
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3X5 Index Card Case By C-Line 4X6 Index Card Case By C-Line

Storing index cards can be a challenge. Trying to store them in a drawer can lead to a mess of cards that can get rearranged, and even using a rubber band to keep them together still leaves them exposed to potential damage. The index card holder solves the problem of trying to neatly store and protect your index cards.

The acid-free, archival quality polypropylene card case holds up to 200 4 x 6 inch index cards. The durable box features a snap closure and includes five dividers and adhesive label tabs. Whether you're a teacher using the case to store note cards for a lecture, a students using note cards to study for tests, or a parent using note cards for recipes or more, you'll be sure your cards stay organized and free from harm in this colorful case. The cases come in four colors that are chosen randomly at the time of delivery: blue, aqua, purple, or pink.

In an elementary classroom, these cases could hold teacher-made flashcards for students to practice with in a personalized learning setting. They could also be incorporated into stations to hold directions written on index cards or more flashcards that relate to the topic of study. In high school the case could hold index cards with ACT vocabulary flashcards for students to practice with once they are done with their classwork. At home, the case could be used to store your favorite recipes or notes. They don't even have to be used exclusively with index cards. They would make good storage containers for push pins, thumbtacks, bobby pins, loose nails and screws, and so much more.

Specifications for the index card file box:

  • Case holds up to 200 4" x 6" index cards
  • Acid-free, archival quality polypropylene
  • Snap closure
  • Each case comes with 5 dividers and adhesive label tabs
  • Assorted colors: blue, aqua, pink, and purple (color chosen by us upon order)


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