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Blank Book - EP-2110
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Blank Book By Edupress

Blank Book

Blank Book by Edupress is an excellent addition to your child's school kit. The book is similar to composition books in size, and is excellent for easy desk references and journal writing. The book is 7" x 8 1/2" and 32 pages.

This blank hardcover notebook is an amazing gift for any school-going kid. The cover of the book is also blank so your child can draw and color on them--a special way to declare, "this is mine." Or, you could draw on the cover yourself, attach a picture of you and your child. Nothing makes a gift more special than a personal touch.

The blank white notebook journal is perfect for classroom usage. Students can write special notes on them to prepare for different subjects. They can create their own dictionaries, shortcuts, tips and tricks for different subjects. They can draw on the pages, or make a scrapbook by pasting pictures inside and writing about the picture--it can become a book full of memories.The possibilities are endless!

Teachers can use these blank books in their classrooms. They can encourage students to write in the blank writing journal notebook about their issues and thoughts--turn them into journals. That way teachers will get a better understanding of the students' abilities and requirements. The blank journal is the perfect purchase for PTO-sponsored funds and Title I funding.


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