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The average K-12 teacher spends $697 out of their own pocket and gets $150 or less from their school per year for school supplies. With tightening and shrinking teacher resource and supply budgets, we launched a program to give back up 5-8% of the purchase price (excluding shipping & taxes) in K12 School Supplies gift certificates or additional discounts on purchases made by teachers or parents.

The way it works is we give you a unique K12 web address (URL), and all purchases made by anyone who visits this page will be automatically tracked.   You will not be able to see who or what they purchased, but you can see the number of visits and the accumulated Classroom Funds Donation in your account.
When a parent or local business buys holiday gifts, office supplies or supplemental home study materials, your school or classroom will get up to 8% of each purchase.

5% Classroom Fund Program (A):

  • Custom School Web Page & Web Address (URL) with you schools logo and message
  • Parent and local business flyers & newsletter content(Word, PDFs & Banners)
  • 5% Preferred Customer Online Discount on teacher orders *
  • 5% School Donation Percent on all parent orders *
  • 20% on Back to School kits (Optional) *
  • Classroom Wish Lists (Optional)
  • Nine(9) month Visitor (Parent/Local Business) Tracking
  • Online account for tracking sales and donations

* Must use the unique K12 web address (URL) we assign you.

8% Classroom Fund Program (B):  

This program is the same as Program A, with the following added benefits and requirements.  The difference is that anyone who visits the unique K12 web address (URL) assigned to you, their purchases over 24 months will be credited to your account and you will get 8% of their purchase total regardless if their child is in your class or school (excluding shipping & taxes).
  • Requirement:  A Banner or text link on the school web site (or teacher blog) to the unique K12 web address (URL) we send you and one to
  • 8% School Donation Percent on all parent orders *
  • Twenty-four (24) month Visitor (Parent/Local Business) Tracking


To get started signup today- it is free - and we will contact you within 1-2 business days to set up your account and custom landing page.   There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time.