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Effective July 1, 2011 Laramie County School District has a purchase agreement for District teachers supplies, office supplies, furniture, paper, consumable, and school supplies. If you have a print catalog, please check the web site for the lowest sale price.


What is a Personal Teacher Order?

If you are a teacher and you are buying supplies with your own money

How do I qualify for Sales Tax Exempt purchases for personal orders?

To qualify we have to have a tax-exempt certificate on file if either your billing or shipping address is in Colorado.  We do not collect sales tax for Wyoming orders.

I am a teacher that made a personal purchase. When will I get my K-12 gift certificate?

Gift Certificates are sent out six times a year (Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sep/Nov) for orders that shipped in the prior two months. For example, if your order shipped in December or January, we will send you a certificate in early March; Feb/Mar shipped orders are sent in early May, and so on. Certificates expire 12 months after they are issued, and can be combined with other K-12 gift certificates.


I made a personal purchase. Will you share my purchase details or personal information with the school district?

No. Because it is your purchase and not the districts our privacy policy prevents us from sharing your information with a 3rd party. If you are a parent, and you clicked on the shop now button, the District will see the total purchases in aggregate for all parents. No individual information is provided.


As a parent, I would like want to buy something for the school or a teacher, can I get a tax deduction? Yes. Go to www.k12schooldonations.org , a 501(c)3 non-profit, and make your tax-deductible contribution. They will contact us and we will send the teacher a gift certificate for the amount of your donation plus a matching 20% grant. Your donation receipt can be use when you prepare your taxes. Or contact your schools PTA/PTO.


As a Teacher can I deduct my personal purchases on my Taxes.

Yes. Please consult your tax adviser. IRS regulation xxx allows teachers to deduct up to $xxx per year for purchases used in the classroom.