Our teacher supplies catalog BIG BOOK with 9000+ items and over 400 pages are mailed twice a year to teachers, schools, and customer who have subscribed to our catalog. 

Each catalog weighs over 2 lbs and cost $10 each to print and ship via UPS.  Please help us and request a catalog if you plan to use it in your school. 
Please fill in the form below to subscribe to our print catalogs.  

Just prior to mailing the catalog we will send you an email to confirm you still would like the catalog and verifying your postal address.  When new catalogs are available, we will mail it to you.  
If you are a teacher and would like to add one to your order and get $10 off your next order, or would like to purchase a catalog please click here for a teacher supplies calalog. Limit 1 per order.
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