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Eraser Pink Pearl Large 1 Ea - SAN70521 Eraser Pink Pearl Med 1 Ea - SAN70520 Eraser Pink Pearl Small 1 Ea - SAN70525
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Eraser Pink Pearl Large 1 Ea, SAN70521 Eraser Pink Pearl Med 1 Ea, SAN70520 Eraser Pink Pearl Small 1 Ea, SAN70525


Pink Pearl Eraser, Medium

A good eraser in an essential tool in every student's pencil box. An eraser that works properly to rub out pencil strokes in a clean way can be any student's best friend, because it helps edit out mistakes while writing, and can fine tune any drawing or sketches made by pencil. This eraser, known as the Papermate pink pearl classic rubber eraser, is a great choice to make when buying must-have supplies.

This school eraser is appropriate for students of all age groups. It can be used to erase finicky lines and letters while doing geometry lessons, writing rough drafts, or sketching images for biology, physics, chemistry, art, or foreign language classes. At the same time, younger students can use it to wipe out large sections of lines where they've made mistakes, so they can make a fresh start of the drawing that they are not satisfied with.

Teachers can also use the eraser if they make a mistake in their planners. It will come in handy if you have to change your plans due to an unexpected school event, like a fire drill, an experiment gone wrong, or any other unforeseen circumstance that causes you to have to change your weekly lesson plans. Keep one of these erasers in your desk too. You never know when a student will need it!


  • Eight edges
  • Well-proportioned size for easy use
  • Pink color
The pencil eraser is a product by Newel-- find more of their products in our teaching supplies publishers and manufacturers departments. For more supplies similar to this eraser, you can visit our Erasers and Supplies sections.

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