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Hop & Count Hopscotch Rug, LCI9402 Hop & Count Hopscotch Rug - LCI9402
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Joy " A Box 24 Set Carpet Squares, JG-832 Joy In A Box 24 Set Carpet Squares - JG-832
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Jumbo Roadway Activity Rug, LCI5191 Jumbo Roadway Activity Rug - LCI5191
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Wonderfoam Carpet Tiles Alphabet, PACAC4353 Wonderfoam Carpet Tiles Alphabet - PACAC4353
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Wonderfoam Carpet Tiles Expansion, PACAC4355 Wonderfoam Carpet Tiles Expansion - PACAC4355
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Wonderfoam Carpet Tiles Shapes, PACAC4354 Wonderfoam Carpet Tiles Shapes - PACAC4354
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Classroom rugs are a simple way to make your classroom colorful and exciting. Add other fun Furniture & Equipment to truly complete your classroom. These easy additions are essential items for constructing any kind of educational classroom setting. Kids love rugs that create reading time and class activities.

Rugs for Kids are generally colorful and patterned rugs decorated with themes ranging from numbers to different kinds of animals. Have your students sit in a circle for reading time on one of these rugs. The animals, numbers, letters, or words, can act as seat assignments. Have each child sit on a picture of choice to create an effortless circle of students. This is a great way to keep your students orderly without sitting them at tables.

  • Alphabet Carpets are perfect for children in preschool and kindergarten who are just beginning to learn the alphabet. The more children see the alphabet, the more they remember it. When each child sits on the rug, go around in a circle and have each one name an animal or an object that starts with the letter they're sitting on. But be careful, not very many people will be willing to sit on "x"!

  • Music Carpets are great for any music-oriented classroom. These carpets have a variety of different musical symbols pictured on them. Having this carpet in your room will help you to teach your students these symbols and will make learning them incredibly fun.

  • Don't forget to get an Under Rug Mat for any rug you purchase! These mats come in many different sizes to accommodate the variety of sizes of Rugs for Kids. The mats will fit perfectly under your rug and will prevent any moving or slipping, making your classroom a safer environment. Under Rug Mats are complete with an Anti-Microbial treatment to minimize product deterioration and odors caused by microbial activity. This floor-covering enhancement means that any spills penetrating below the face of the carpet will come in contact with the antimicrobial treatment, minimizing the opportunity for product-deteriorating microbial activity in the backing or beneath the carpet.

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