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101 Rhythm Instrument Activities For Young Children - GR-15445 102 Childrens Song - TWIN836CD 4 Triangle - HOHS2360
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101 Rhythm Instrument Activities For Young Children By Gryphon House 102 Childrens Song - Twin836Cd By Twin Sisters Productions 4 Triangle By Hohner
5 Cymbals W/Mallet Pair - HOHS3800 6 Multi-Colored Tambourine - HOHS601C 6 Triangle - HOHS2362
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5 Cymbals W/Mallet Pair By Hohner 6 Multi-Colored Tambourine By Hohner 6 Triangle By Hohner
6-Piece Rhythm Instrument Set - HOHHRM6 8 Tambourine - HOHMT508 8In Mini Rainmaker - HOHMP200
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6-Piece Rhythm Instrument Set By Hohner 8 Tambourine By Hohner 8In Mini Rainmaker By Hohner
Abcs & 123S Cd Action Songs Cd Activity Songs & Games - KIM9310CD
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Abcs & 123S Cd, TWIN602CD Action Songs Cd, TWIN603CD Activity Songs & Games By Kimbo Educational
Music is a very important part of education, although it is sometimes overlooked and neglected. Like Arts & Crafts, some schools cut their funding of music programs in order to devote more resources to other areas of education. Despite this, Music classes and programs can be incredibly beneficial to every student's education.

Some people believe that language is a product of human beings' innate inclination towards musical sounds. Music is a cultural language, and by teaching music to your students you create a gateway to a broad range of cultural studies.

  • Kid's Instruments are an essential part of every music classroom. Teach students about different instruments, the sounds they make, and the places they come from. These kid's instruments are designed specially for children's smaller hands. Let your students create songs with each other with instruments of their choosing!

  • Music Books are great instructional items that allow you to teach kids about everything from different composers to reading musical notes. Some of our music books, such as Music Puzzlers Book 1, provide creative music-themed puzzles and activities to entertain your students. Activities include crossword puzzles, word searches, and other games that make learning about composers, instruments, and music fundamentals a blast.

  • Music Games are another wonderful way to make learning about music fun and interesting. The book 101 Music Games provides many different imaginative games that teach students about music and sound. Types of games include concentration games, trust games, guessing games, musical quizzes, and many more. Have fun teaching your children about music with these creative games.

  • Music CDs are excellent additions to every music classroom. Play CDs to your children, like Vince Guraldi A Charlie Brown Christmas CD and have them sing along to the songs. Or simply play them before and after class to give your classroom a cheerful atmosphere.

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