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Seven Hills Elementary School Supplies

Welcome to the Seven Hills School Supplies  page. From this page you can help us raise funds for our classrooms and purchase:
  • K-8 school supplies,
  • Supplemental at home educational materials,
  • Educational Toys, Games and Puzzles,
  • Seven Hills Back to School K-5 Kits, and
For all purchases made from this page the Seven Hills Elementary School in Newark, Texas receives:
  • 8% of the order total on all purchases * including, Educational Toys, Games &  Puzzles,
  • 20% of the order total on all Back to School Kits shipped directly to the school *

 * Excludes shipping & handling.

Back to School Kit Shipping To Instructions:

Before 8/15/09 Use The School Address:

Seven Hills Elementary
Att: 1st Grade Back To School Coordinator
300 Main Street
Newark, Tx  10502

If you prefer to ship to you home address before 8/15,
just enter you home address in the ship to instructions.

After 8/15/09 Use Your home Address
Teacher Testimonials:
 "K-12 School Supplies provides us with the extra class room resources we need to for our students and your child.  They are great to work with, and their customer service is excellent."  Jeniffer Morales, Seven Hill Counselor.
Teacher Tax Exempt Purchases
For tax exempt purchases we need you to register first and provide your tax exempt number. We will set up an indidivual account that will be linked to your school and the price shown on the website will automatically be reduced by your schools discount.  Within two(2) business days we will have your account setup.
Teacher Account Benefits
1) Individual Wish Lists
2) All purchases are tax exempt
3) Additional discounts may apply (no coupons required)
4) Stream lined PO Approvals