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Tax Free Program

At K12 School Supplies, orders do not collect sales tax except for Colorado residents. Colorado teachers should use thier tax exempt certificate from thier school and purchase with a school PO.

Many states in the US have tax free weekends at local retail stores. Check out our blog post on 2018 tax free weekends in AL, AR, CO, FL, IO, MD, MI, MO,NM OH, OK, SC, TN, TX. Click link for details on each state. https://blog.k12schoolsupplies.net/2018/07/back-to-school-tax-free-weekends.html

Colorado Teacher Tax Exempt Purchases
For tax exempt purchases in Colorado, we need you to register provide your tax exempt number. We will set up an individual account that will be linked to your school and the price shown on the website will automatically be reduced by your schools discount. Within two(2) business days we will have your account setup.
Teacher Account Benefits
1) Individual Wish Lists
2) All purchases are tax exempt
3) Additional discounts / rebates may apply (no coupons required)
4) Stream lined PO Approvals